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Bayram Research Group   

      Experimental Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics              




Group Theses

-Md Shakil Bin Kassem, MS'23. "Molecular Spectroscopy Experiment to Measure Temperature-Dependent Radiative Lifetime of the Sodium Molecules 61Σ+g(v=9, J=32) State". Link Outstanding Graduate Research Award

-Sanjib Thapa, MS'22."The Lifetime Measurement of the 61Σ+g(40,23) State of Sodium Molecule Using Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting Technique". Link


-Lok R. Pant, MS'21. "The Radiative Lifetime Measurement on 61Σ+g(v=9,10,11,J=31) Excited State of Molecular Sodium Using Time Resolved High Resolution Doubled Resonance Spectroscopy". Link Outstanding Graduate Research Award


-Dinesh Wagle, MS'19. "Time-Resolved Laser Spectroscopy to Measure Lifetimes and Collisional Cross Sections of the 61Σ+g(v,J) State in Diatomic Sodium Molecule". Link


-Michael Saaranen, MS'19. "Measuring the Radiative Lifetimes of the Vibrational Levels in the 61Σ+gState of Sodium Dimers Using Time-Resolved Spectroscopy". Link  Outstanding Graduate Research Award


-Tim Horton, MS'16. "Collisional and radiative relaxation in sodium dimer and argon atom collisions". Link


-Phill Arndt, MS'15. "Probing the excited rovibrational states of sodium dimers", Outstanding Graduate Research Award. Link


-Amal Qassadi, MS'15. "Two-step double resonance spectroscopy in iodine molecules". Link


-Oleg Popov, MS'12. "Quantum beat spectroscopy of hyperfine structure in the 8p2P3/2 level of atomic cesium". PDF  Link      Best Poster Prize at Ohio Section of American Physical Society.

-Corey McDonald, BS'12. Honor's Thesis "Investigation of double resonance spectroscopy of iodine molecules for use in quantum beat experiments". Outstanding Undergraduate Student Research Award.

-Jeffrey D. Kleykamp, BS'12. Honor's Thesis "Non-invasive glucose sensing with Raman spectroscopy". Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award.

-Sarah Jo Lauber, BS'12. Capstone Project "Laser induced fluorescence in molecular iodine". USS Award.

-Sean Baumgartner, MS'11. "Collisional depolarization of the atomic sodium 3S-3P-5S transition with argon and xenon buffer gas by spectral hole burning". Link

-Dave S. Fisher, MS'10. "Two-photon polarization spectroscopy of atomic cesium using circularly polarized light". Link

-Brian Sympson, BS'09. Capstone Project "Construction of the micro-channel-plate and computer interface for use in electron/ion imaging experiment". Excellence in Research Award and USS Award.

-Prakash Koirala, MS' 08. "Experimental determination of the electric quadrupole moment and collisional depolarization in the J=3/2 level Cs atoms with Kr using linear polarization spectroscopy". Link

-Ramesh Marhatta, MS'07. " Circular polarization spectroscopy: disorientation cross-section in the 133Cs 6p2P3/2 level by using two-photon two-color nano-second pulsed laser". Link  Outstanding Graduate Research Award.

-Ryan Coons, MS'07. "Narrow-bandwidth operation and improved beam quality of a semiconductor broad area laser in an improved variable-length external cavity". Link

-Morgan Welsh, BS'06. "Collisional depolarization on the 6s-6p-9d transition of cesium atomic vapor". Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award and USS Award.

-Jacob Hinkle, BS'06. "Hyperfine depolarization effect in the first excited state of cesium". Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award and USS Award.

-John-Paul Anderson, BS'05. "Development of external cavity laser diodes and dye lasers". Excellence in Research and USS Awards.

-Brian Sands, MS' 05. "Characteristics and dynamics of a passively stabilized high power and narrow-bandwidth broad-area laser coupled to an external variable length cavity". Link - Outstanding Graduate Research Award.

-Seda Kin, MS' 05. "Collisional depolarization of the atomic Cs 6s → 6p → 10s, 9d transition with argon buffer gas". Link