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Office: Kreger 101 ;

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Lab    : Kreger 128

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Burcin Bayram

Professor, Department of Physics, Miami University

Ph.D., Physics, Old Dominion University, Virginia, 1998

B.Sc., Physics, Middle East Technical U., Ankara, Turkey, 1991

Previous positions:

Associate Professor, Miami University, 2009-2016

Assistant Professor, Miami University,  2002-2009

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Michigan, 1998-2002



2023 NSF AMO-E Award: 289,846.00, Pricipal Investigator, 9/2023 - 09/ 2026

Molecular Spectroscopy to Measure Lifetimes and Collisional Dynamics of Lithium and NaK molecules


2018 Harrison-MacRae Lecturer, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
International award lecture is given by distinguished scientists on topics within the fields of chemical physics or physical chemistry”.


2018 NSF Award: $355,531.00, Senior Personnel, 09/2018-09/2022

REU Sites: Physics at Miami University".


2015 American Physical Society Woman Physicist of the Month, May

National monthly award is given for the exceptional female physicist who makes an impact in the physics community and have positively impacted other individuals’ lives and careers”.


2016  NSF AMO-E Award: $295,157.00, Principal Investigator, 9/2016 - 09/2022
Time-resolved spectroscopic study on diatomic molecular sodium


2015 Visiting Scientist Fellowship – Award by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, Ankara, Turkey.


2013 NSF AMO-E Award: $150,000.00 - Principal Investigator

Polarization Quantum Beat Spectroscopy in Diatomic Molecules


2010 Miami University, Grant to Promote Research Award: $2,488 (PI)


2007 Research Corporation Cottrell College Science Award: $37,539 (PI)
Photoionization spectroscopy of highly excited cesium atoms

2004 Research Corporation Cottrell College Science Award: $34,387 (PI)


2004 Miami Summer Research Grant Award: $4,000 (PI)


2003 Miami U Senate Committee on Facukty Research (CFR) Award: $23,998 (PI)