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Making a Dry Mount Slide

So what is a dry mount, anyway?
A dry mount is exactly as it sounds: the thing you plan to observe is placed on the slide with a cover slip over it. No water is needed. This kind of mount is usually used for inanimate objects or things that do not need water to live.
What do I need?
1 microscope

1 microscope slide

1 coverslip

samples of cloth, salt, sugar, hair and whatever else I have put out for you

What do I do?
Follow these directions
1. Pull a strand of hair from your head and only your head and place it on the slide. Place the cover slip over the piece of hair and place the slide on the stage over the aperture. Hold it in position with the stage clips
Starting with low power, focus on the hair using the proper procedure that you have practised. Draw what you see under low power first then again under medium power. Don't forget use a border, title, and power of magnification in your drawings.
3. Repeat step 2 using two more slide preparations. Make a drawing under the low and medium powers.

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