Who Uses Microscopes?
Microscopes are not used just by hospitals and universities, but who else uses them ...and why?

This assignment if for you to do some research. Contact a company in your area and inquire if they use electron microscopes and why they use them. You may email, call or write a letter to the company concerning the inquiry. If you discover more companies in this area that use microscopy, email John Stevenson so that this page can be updated. Include the name of the company, where it is located, a link to the company website, what type of microscope is used and how microscopes used are used by them. You may use one of the links below or chose any other company.

Companies in the Southwestern Ohio area:

Procter & Gamble
International Paper
Children's Hospital
AK Steele
Air Products
General Motors
Miller Brewery
mPhatic Ads & Design