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The Optical Spectroscopy and Imaging Methods lab is supervised by Dr. Karthik Vishwanath and resides within the Department of Physics at Miami. Our work explores the development and use of optical methods for studying biological materials. The appeal for using light as a sensing tool in such systems is compelling since it can be used to characterize these systems in their native states, non-destructively and repeatedly. Our goals are to develop methods and metrics to quantitatively and painlessly measure physiological, structural and/or metabolic properties of living biological tissues. We have used (and continue to use) optical techniques for biomedical applications including detection of (pre)cancers, development of early indicators of therapeutic progress during anti-cancer treatments, imaging of blood flow to detect peripheral artery disease or hemorrhage, and most recently for measuring brain activity during cognitive tasks.

Though the foundations of most techniques we develop rest on principles of optical physics, much of our research focus is highly inter-disciplinary. Our work seeks to bring the power of optical sensing to address biomedical problems. Our primary goal is to quantitatively observe, model and understand how complex biological systems function using rigorous mathematical and computational approaches.

Prospective students

The OSIM lab has several active (interdisciplinary) projects and is always interested in engaging students in research. Interested students should send an email to Dr. Karthik Vishwanath stating interests and a resume/CV (please include relevant course work, GPA, work experience, skills and personal objectives).

Undergraduate students: If you find our research interesting please get in touch via email to discuss prospects for joining ongoing research projects. The OSIM lab has had undergraduate students who have ranged from freshmen through seniors. We are particularly looking for students with strong computational and/or analytical backgrounds. It is also strongly encouraged that undergraduate students sign up for independent research for 1-2 credits (i.e.for 3-6 hrs of work week).
Masters students: If you are an MS student admitted to the Physics or Engineering program at Miami and interested in joining the OSIM lab, please write an email to Dr. Vishwanath with your interests. The Physics Department supports all MS students as TAs for 2 years and there may be GA support available as well. Prospective students please look over the Physics Department Page for information about applying.
Doctoral students with interests in translational applications are asked to apply through the CMSB program at Miami. If you are considering applying to the CMSB program, please contact Dr. Karthik Vishwanath as early as possible to discuss prospects as prepare your application.
CMSB students already at Miami seeking research labs, please contact Dr. Vishwanath directly.

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