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Fall 2005 Schedule

        Location: Room 46 Culler Hall unless specified otherwise
     Time: 4:00-4:50 PM unless specified otherwise

        Note: Snacks are served starting at 3:30 pm

        Website Links are provided for each speaker  and
        for the particular program from which he or she comes
(when available).

Speaker and Title

24-Aug-05 WE No Seminar


31-Aug-05 WE Faculty & Graduate Student Research   [Abstract]

Poster Session in the basement of Culler Hall near the Foucault pendulum

7-Sep-05 WE  NIST Summer Interns (NIST SURF info) Undergraduates, Physics Dept., Miami 

 Jeremy Clark,  Laser Frequency Control in Four-Wave Mixing [Abstract]

Morgan Welsh, A Route to a Room Temperature, Effusive Atomic Beam  [Abstract]


   Undergraduate Summer Interns, Physics Dept., Miami University

  Michael Salerno, [Abstract]
Pressure-induced acidification in aqueous buffers probed using cSNAFL

  Greg Newstadt, [Abstract]
Orbital and Rotational Dynamics of Eros 433

21-Sep-05 WE    Perry Rice, Physics Dept., Miami University

   Quantum Weirdness #18    [Abstract]

28-Sep-05 WE     James Clemens, Physics Dept., Miami University

  Partially correlated noise & quantum error correction or Quantum information --     Installment # 1   [Abstract]

05-Oct-05 WE   Leo Irakliotis, University of Chicago

  Optical Computing & Storage:  A physicist's adventure !   [Abstract]

12-Oct-05 WE  
  Bob Brecha, Physics and Electro-Optics, University of Dayton

   Peak Oil -- A Physicist's Veiw of the Slippery Slope  [Abstract]

19-Oct-05 WE   Chris Hammel, Physics and Electrical & Computer Engineering,
   The Ohio State University

   Ultrasensitive Magnetic Resonance with the Magnetic Resonance Force Microscope         [Abstract]

26-Oct-05 WE    Mike Brudzinski , Geology Dept.,  Miami University

   Bump and Grind: The Hazards of Plates that Want to Get Down

02-Nov-05 WE   Hal MetcalfSUNY Stony Brook

   Strong Optical Forces on Atoms,  [Abstract]

09-Nov-05 WE   Heidrun Schmitzer, Xavier University

  Opto-mechanical micromachines & the angular momentum of light  [Abstract]

16-Nov-05 WE        Arfken Scholar in Residence

       Mark Havey, Old Dominion University

Mesoscopic Electromagnetic Dynamics in Atomic Gases

23-Nov-05 WE No Seminar (Thanksgiving Break)


30-Nov-05 WE     Jason Heikenfeld,  NanoLab in Electrical  Engineering, University of Cincinnati

New Optical Research Opportunities in Electrowetting

07-Dec-05 WE    Undergraduate Summer Interns & PARTY !, Physics Dept., Miami University

      Joshua Jacob  [Abstract]

   The Effectiveness of PHY183 Labs at Miami


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