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How to Find Genes In a Gene Bank or Gene Library

How to find clones from a genomic library or gene bank?

Gene mutation to find genes

  • You can find any gene that you can observe using mutation. Using transposable elements as gene tags.

Review of EM Southern's proceedure for finding genes in digests of DNA. It was modified and has become one of the most widely known techniques.

  • Separate the digested or restricted DNA on an agarose gel using electrophoresis.
  • Prepare a membrane replica of the gel by transferring the separated DNA to nylon membrane, hybridize with known probe and develop
  • Autoradogram. Similarly you can detect for RNA (Northern Blot). You can detect proteins using antibodies (Western Blot).
  • Results of a Southern Blot
  • Comparison of a Northern and Southern Blot or hybridization




This web site is provided for instruction in Botany and Zoology 342 or Genetics 342

Text: Genetics: A conceptural ApproachBenjamin A Pierce

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