Nick Thieme
Nick Thieme

Episode 49: Balancing rigor and entertainment when telling stories about data

Release Date: 1/31/2018

Guest:Nick Thieme

Nick Thieme (@FurrierTranform) is a research fellow at University of California Hastings Institute for Innovation Law and freelance writer for a variety of outlets. Currently, his work focuses on AI regulation, cybersecurity, and pharmaceutical patent trolling. His writing has appeared in Slate Magazine, BuzzFeed News, and Significance Magazine. He was the 2017 AAAS Mass Media Fellow at Slate Magazine, writing about technology, science, and statistics. In particular, he wrote about the role of p-values in the replication crisis, the overblown,existential fear caused by the dangers of AI, and the
NotPetya cyberattacks in Ukraine. He is also part of an ASA team currently in the process of helping
found a new blog, aimed at undergraduates, practicing statisticians, and the general public.

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