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Water Cycle Model
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The Water Cycle
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Water Cycle Game
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The oceans account for more than 97% of the Earth's surfacewater. An additional 2% is frozen in ice caps and glaciers, leaving less than one percent as usable fresh water.
~Robert Hazen~
~James Trefil~

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The Water Cycle

Includes special instructions/modifications for primary classrooms.

The Water Cycle inquiry is actually five activities in one. In How Can You Make a Model of the Water Cycle?, students work in teams to create water cycle models using two-liter bottles. In What Can the Internet Teach You about the Water Cycle?, students use interactive Internet resources to introduce water cycle concepts. In What Are the Processes of the Water Cycle?, students label their water cycle models in order to make a concrete connection to water cycle processes. In How Does Water Cycle on the Earth?, students learn the nine major locations of water on the planet by playing an interactive game. In How Can Pollution Get into the Water Cycle?, students explore the effect of pollution in the water cycle by observing a "chemical" as it travels through the water cycle model. This activity also utilizes the literature integration of A River Ran Wild by Lynne Cherry. The Family Page extends this learning to the community by providing families with challenges to explore at home.