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Science for Ohio Home

"The great cycles of weathering and erosion of rocks, sedimentation, and creation of new rocks has gone on since the beginning of the Earth, and will continue until the sun burns out and the planet dies. Because of this cycle, it is possible that you hold in your hand the very first grain of sand that formed on the very first beach when the Earth was young."
~Robert Hazen~
~James Trefil~

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Hard Rock Café
Created by Linda Sebastian

Clermont Northeastern School District

Hard Rock Café is actually four activities in one inquiry. In What Are Rocks and How Are They Formed? students observe a variety of rocks and classify them based on their observable properties and/or characteristics. In How Can Rock Properties Help to Identify Rocks? students further classify rocks by identifying and comparing their mass, dimensions, and volume. In How Do Rocks Cycle on the Earth? students play a game to learn more about the three types of rocks (igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary) and how they cycle from one type to the next over time. In My Life As a Rock students create stories to show their knowledge of the rock cycle. The Family Page extends this learning by inviting parents to facilitate home and community observations and discussion related to rocks in the environment and their various uses in construction.

Note: Linda's participation in the 2002 SFO Online Course for Teachers made it possible for her creative work to be published.