Science for Ohio is not being offered for graduate credit at this time.

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  • John Farmer, Project co-Director, Department of Zoology, Miami University and
    Teacher, Ayer Elementary, Forest Hills School District
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  • Dr. Donald Kaufman, Project co-Director, Department of Zoology, Miami University
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  • Cecilia Berg, Senior Project Director, Hefner Museum
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  • Four graduate credit hours (two summer; two fall)
  • Access to quality online and offline instructional materials
  • Opportunities for peer collaboration
  • Classroom instructional support
  • Professional growth


  • Improve understanding of science content and methods for teaching science
  • Improve understanding of how nature works
  • Explore ways to integrate science and literature
  • Explore ways to integrate science and the Internet
  • Utilize the inquiry method for learning
  • Emphasize through instruction and assessment the Ohio Academic Content Standards for life science, earth and space science, physical science, science and technology, scientific inquiry, and scientific ways of knowing
  • Apply inquiry-based learning that integrates hands-on science, a research-based lesson design, assessment, and family involvement

Summer Workshop Requirements (two graduate hours)--completed by the final workshop day.

  • Complete selected readings with written response. Click here for more information. (20 pts.)
  • Complete binder/student inquiry pages (45 pts.)
  • Explore SFO Related Resources; select five websites and five literature connections to utilize in the classroom (20 pts.)
  • Preliminary framework of Original Inquiry (15 pts.)

Fall Course Requirements (two graduate hours)--completed by December 1st.

  • Complete 360 minutes (120 minutes per month, September-November) of selected SFO instruction. This can include SFO inquiries, Teacher to Teacher inquires, non-SFO inquiries, and/or summer activities. Submit a monthly time log of your classroom instruction. Note: Instructional time estimates are listed on the Site Map to help you when planning SFO units of instruction. (40 pts.)
  • Create an original inquiry-based learning activity that incorporates teacher pages, student pages, a family page, and related resources. Conduct your original inquiry-based learning activity with your students, including preparation, instruction, assessment, and feedback. Click here for more information. (40 pts.)
  • Communicate throughout the semester with instructor(s), as needed, via e-mail (e.g., reply to instructor e-mails, send monthly feedback to instructor, mail monthly student work samples). Click here for feedback guidelines. (20 pts.)

  • Submit the following via e-mail:
    • Time logs summarizing a total of 360 minutes of instruction (monthly)
    • Feedback for Science for Ohio inquiries (monthly)
    • Feedback for your original inquiry (after implementing with students)
    • Optional—Submit your Original Inquiry electronically in Word format to be added to our Teacher to Teacher section.
  • Submit the following via postal mail:
    • Six student work samples from Science for Ohio inquiries (monthly)
    • SFO Online Course Final Checklist (by December 1st)
    • Six student work samples from your original inquiry (by December 1st)
    • Your original inquiry with Original Inquiry Checklist attached (by December 1st)
  • Please mail completed work to the address listed in the front matter of your summer course binder.
Science for Ohio Project

A = 90-100 points
B = 80-89 points
C = 70-79 points