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Science for Ohio Home

"This subtle, unseen rootedness, melding firmly with earthy planet's flesh, while seeking highest sky... metaphor of the life of man, what might, should be; the union of transcendence, earth's reality."
~Don Gray~

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Learning to Look
Created by Carolyn Helmers and Deb Rudolph
Maddux Elementary
Forest Hills School Distict

Learning to Look is actually five activities in one inquiry. In Looking Closer at a Flower, students are introduced to sensory investigation of a flower plant and the plant cycle. In Looking Closer at Grass, students are introduced to sensory investigation and description of grass. In Looking Closer at Trees , students extend observational skills when looking at a tree by observing, questioning and sharing ideas. In Looking Closer--Dead and Alive, students observe a living and nonliving flower and compare and contrast how they are alike and different.In Looking Closer at Seed Growth, students predict and observe what happens when a sunflower seed is planted. The Family Page extends this learning to the community by inviting parents and students to develop observation skills at home.

Note:  This inquiry is designed to be completed during warm weather months when mature flowers can be found.

Note: Participation by the above teachers in the SFO Online Course made the publishing of this creative work possible. Special thanks to Carol Ogden and Rebecca Wilson for their technical support in the web publication of this inquiry.