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Science Clips, by the BBC, offers interactive science animations that can be manipulated by students in order to learn science content. Check out the "Plants, Animals, and the Local Environment" science clip that relates to this inquiry. offers a photo gallery of a sunflower plant in various stages of development., an award-winning site, offers original animated movies that answer kids' questions about health, science, and technology. The site provides an interactive quiz while movies load. To visit the site and watch their two minute Plant Growth movie, click on the icon above. Note: This is a subscription site, but selected movies are available without a subscription.

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Science for Ohio's Online Seed Tour is an online resource for seed identification (of trees) in the classroom. Updates to this site are provided by Ohio teachers and students.


School provides quality curriculum-coordinated educational videos to public and private schools nationally and abroad. Each video is researched and evaluated in the areas of subject matter, content, and curriculum compatibility. All videos meet national and state curriculum standards. provides an online field guide to over 4,800 North American plants and animals. Species accounts are from the National Audubon Society Field Guides, Nature Guides, and Regional Guides. These guides are published by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. They can be ordered online at eNature or at the National Audubon Society website ( will supply additional information if you log in and become a member.



Science Explosion contains Sing the Science Standards, Vol. 1 and 2. This site also lists songs that teach science standards for grades K-8.


Sunflowers by Gail Saunders-Smith depicts the life cycle of the sunflower, from seed to sprout to flower and back to seed again. ISBN 1560654899


The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown points out the important things about everyday objects and what makes them special. ISBN 0064432270

What I See by Holly Keller tells the story of a child making simple observations of the world. A good read-aloud or student shelf book for the K-1 classroom. ISBN 0-15-201996-0


Belly Button Boy by Peter Maloney and Felicia Zekauskas, is a cleverly written story of a boy, Billy, who loves dirt. This love of dirt leads him to an unexpected and humorous adventure with his "belly button" plant. A great read-aloud or student shelf book to go with a unit on plants or seeds. Also, a great springboard to creative writing and illustration. ISBN 0-8037-2542


The Reason for a Flower by Ruth Heller uses a rhythmic style to tell the story of plant parts and their functions in a way that even the littlest of readers can understand. ISBN 0698115597


Look at a Tree by Eileen Curran describes the different things that can be seen in or around various types of trees. ISBN 0816703507


Look Closer by Rebecca and Brian Wildsmith uses simple text to introduce the idea of looking closer at everyday things in the world around you. An excellent read-aloud or student shelf book for K-1. Note: This book is included in the Harcourt reading series, and is published through Scholastic. It may not be available at your public library. ISBN 0-590-47835-4


Tree Life by Theresa Greenaway describes various animals that live on or in trees including the butterfly, woodpecker, and tree frog. ISBN 1564581322


Sunflower House by Eve Bunting is a story of a young boy who creates a summer playhouse by planting sunflowers and saves the seeds to make another house the next year. ISBN 0152019529


The Dandelion Seed by Joseph Anthony uses wonderful illustrations by Cris Arbo to tell the story of a dandelion seed as it makes its journey through life. A wonderful read-aloud to illustrate life cycles, respect for nature, and more. ISBN 1-883220-66-1


From Seed To Plant by Gail Gibbons nicely illustrates seed information and processes with full page color drawings and simple text. A good read aloud for all ages. ISBN 0-8234-0872-8


What is a Scientist? by Barbara Lehn uses simple text and photographs that depict children engaged in various activities involving a scientific process. ISBN 1588245365


My Five Senses by Aliki is a simple presentation of the five senses that demonstrates some of the many ways we use them. ISBN 006445083X