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What's the Matter with
My Jell-O?

Background Information

Summary: Students work in teams of four as they conduct four controlled Jell-O experiments over a two-day period. Styrofoam, sugar, salt, and room temperature treatments are compared to control Jell-O to investigate the effect of these treatments on the phase change of Jell-O from liquid to solid (freezing point). The Take It Further section explores the environmental pros and cons of using salt (one of the Jell-O treatments) to improve roadway safety. The Family Page extends this learning to the community by providing families with challenges to explore at home.

Related Topic(s): matter (states, properties), atoms, mixtures (colloids, solutions), environmental effects of salting roadways, variables (control vs. treatment), qualitative vs. quantitative analysis, freezing point, melting point, physical change

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Classroom Time Required: 135-150 minutes as follows:

Background Information: