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What's the Matter with My Jell-O?
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Science Clips, by the BBC, offers interactive science animations that can be manipulated by students in order to learn science content. Check out the "Changing State" or "Solids and Liquids" science clips that relate to this inquiry.

Click here to visit the site., an award-winning site, offers original animated movies that answer kids' questions about health, science, and technology. The site provides an interactive quiz while movies load. To visit the site and watch their two minute States of Matter movie, click on the icon above. After the movie, click on "How do the states of matter change?" for more information. Note: This is a subscription site, but selected movies are available without a subscription., the official Genesee Food Company museum, offers a complete history of Jell-O and much more. offers information about Jell-O entitled, "What Exactly Is Jell-O Made From?"


Eyewitness: Matter by Christopher Cooper explores the amazing world of matter from the earliest ideas of the four elements to the latest discoveries about the atom. ISBN 0-789-448866

Other Resources

Change, Physical Change by Scott Hudson is a great sing along song to reinforce the concept of physical change. Scott teaches science for Cincinnati Public Schools.