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Science for Ohio Home

"The great cycles of weathering and erosion of rocks, sedimentation, and creation of new rocks has gone on since the beginning of the Earth, and will continue until the sun burns out and the planet dies. Because of this cycle, it is possible that you hold in your hand the very first grain of sand that formed on the very first beach when the Earth was young."
~Robert Hazen~
~James Trefil~

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Dig This! Erosion Investigation
Created by Melissa Breuer

Wilmington School District

Dig This! Erosion Investigation is actually five activities in one inquiry. In How Does Erosion Affect My World? students identify erosion problems at their school. In What Are the Different Kinds of Erosion? students investigate splash, wind, and fluvial (water) erosion through classroom activities. In Becoming an Erosion Expert students research erosion in-depth. In How Can We Solve Erosion Problems? students work in teams to create proposed solutions to schoolyard erosion problems. In Taking Action on Erosion student proposals selected through peer and teacher review are submitted to various community groups so that volunteers, advice, and materials can be gathered to complete the Action Plan. The Family Page extends this learning by inviting parents to facilitate home and community observations, discussion, and action related to erosion.

Note: Melissa's participation in the 2002 SFO Online Course for Teachers made it possible for her creative work to be published.