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The Colors of Nature
Lesson Plan

Summary: The Colors of Nature is an activity designed to engage younger learners. Students explore their outdoor environment, looking for varieties of color. Color samples from the outdoor environment are collected and used to create a sample page of colors that students label.

Outdoor Exploration / Indoor Activity (45 min.)


Get Set!!!

  • Share the book Nature Spy by Shelley Rotner and Ken Kreisler with your students to build excitement about their upcoming outdoor experience. (see Related Resources for a summary of this and other suggested books).
  • Discuss appropriate behaviors for a school hike.
  • Set clear expectations for how and when you want students to collect samples.
  • Discuss respect for nature
    • respect for living things
    • samples collected should be quarter-sized or smaller and should not cause harm to living things
  • Explain how this activity is grouped:
    • story (or website)
    • hike
    • classroom activity
    • song
  • Take students outdoors, stopping at selected points to collect color samples.

PutItAllTogether (back in the classroom)
  • Model for students how to attach their colorful items to the Student Page.
  • Allow time for students to attach items.
  • Display color words (i.e., blue, green) and spell them aloud as students write them onto their Student Page.
  • Sing the song DeColores. (See Related Resources)