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The Colors of Nature
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United Streaming offers online streaming video with thousands of videos and video clips just a mouse click away. To visit this site, and search their video database, click on the icon above. The following videos compliment The Colors of Nature:

  • Seahouse: Colors and Patterns
  • How Colors and Patterns Help Protect Fish

Note: Although this service is by subscription, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial. The movies run best if you Download rather than Stream them. Windows Media Player is recommended for PC users.

Songs for Teaching is a website with music and lyrics for DeColores.

Order a copy of Raffi in Concert on DVD via This DVD includes DeColores as well as many other wonderful songs for young singers

Click here to visit the site., an award-winning site, offers original animated movies that answer kids' questions about health, science, and technology. The site provides an interactive quiz while movies load. To visit the site and watch their two minute Color movie, click on the icon above. Note: This is a subscription site, but selected movies are available without a subscription. offers a webpage entitled Causes of Color which offers helpful teacher background information on, you guessed it, the causes of color!

The California Academy of Sciences has a webpage dedicated to the identification of California Wildflowers. Search by name, color, etc. to identify flowers you find. (This site added for Ashley Falls Elementary School in Del Mar, California.)

Books and Other Resources

Nature Spy by Shelley Rotner and Ken Kreisler encourages young readers to take a look--a close look--at the world around them. Children, inspired by the simple yet eloquent text and striking photographs, will want to become "nature spies" too. A must-read read-aloud for the primary classroom. ISBN 0-02-777885-1


What Color is Nature? by Stephen R. Swinburne uses wonderful photos and text to invite children to have fun seeing the colors around them as they look around their world. A must-read read-aloud for the early primary classroom. Recommended as an introductory read-aloud for The Colors of Nature lesson. ISBN 1-56397-967-5


Color Me a Rhyme: Nature Poems for Young People by Jane Yolen includes thirteen wonderful poems that take you on a whimsical journey through Mother Nature's glorious landscape. ISBN 1-56397-892-X


Nature's Paintbrush: The Patterns and Colors Around You by Susan Stockdale explores the myriad ways in which patterns and colors are helpful to living things. A wonderful read-aloud for the primary classroom. ISBN 0-689-81081-4


Animal Dazzlers: The Role of Brilliant Colors in Nature by Sneed B. Collard III contains wonderful color photos and detailed text. An excellent resource of images and information for teachers. ISBN 0-531-20362-X


Berry Smudges and Leaf Prints: Finding and Making Colors from Nature by Ellen B Senisi shows the beauty of nature's hues and offers craft projects for each one. A wonderful ideas book for primary as well as art teachers. ISBN 0-525-46139-6


The Colors of Nature by Bobbie Kalman investigates the importance of color in the natural world. An excellent teacher resource for the primary classroom. ISBN 0-86505-557-2


Color in Nature: A Visual and Scientific Exploration by Penelope A Farrant offers an encyclopedic range of information about the multitude of forms and uses that color has in our universe. Over 300 stunning color photographs and diagrams are included. This is the ultimate reference book on the topic of color! ISBN 0-7137-2351-3


Hands-On Nature: Information and Activities for Exploring the Environment with Children by The Vermont Institute of Natural Science is a wonderful teacher resource which contains hundreds of activities including outdoor investigations, puppet shows, and more. It is a great life science resource for the elementary classroom. Check out the Camouflage Puppet Show for a fun connection to this color inquiry. Copies can be ordered at 1-800-421-1561. ISBN 1-58465-078-8