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Over the last 4 years, 61.3% of Miami undergraduate applicants have been accepted to medical schools, compared to a national average of 45%.

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Student Profile: Jane Ke Feng (Class of 2013)

  • Jane Ke Feng photomajors in biochemistry and zoology
  • in the University Honors program
  • member of the Mallory-Wilson Center Student Advisory Board

"Before coming to college, I already knew that I was an academically oriented person. Having taken all the high school AP classes that I could get my hands on, I knew that I wanted to challenge myself with a rigorous course load in college. As a double major in Biochemistry and Zoology, as well as a University Honors student, I am doing just that and having an incredible time.

"I've not only spent time learning everything from special relativity to neurotransmitters, but I've also learned so much about myself: my passions, my strengths and areas that I want to continue improving."

Hospital Volunteer and EMT-in-Training

Jane Ke Feng with doctor in hospital photo"One of the things that I love about Miami is the wide variety of activities that you can get involved in—chances are, if you are passionate about something, you'll find it here (and if not, then you can start it!). I loved volunteering in high school, so I decided to donate my time at McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital, a local hospital where I worked in the emergency department. My experiences inspired me to get even more involved in medicine.

"Right now, I'm training to be an emergency medical technician. After I become certified as an EMT, I will work on an ambulance service, where I will take care of patients in emergency situations and put my skills into practice! This class has already taught me so much about emergency medical care, and it has made me even more excited to attend medical school."

Independent Research

"Another great opportunity that you'll find at Miami is the chance to participate in undergraduate research. I've worked in the Zoology department since my sophomore year. This past summer, I was given the opportunity to conduct an independent research project to study the regulation of the rnp-4f gene in Drosophila embryos. While progress was challenging at times, I learned so much from engaging in a day-to-day process of solving problems that I'm devoting this entire school year and next summer to continue working on my project."

Exploration and Experience

"College is a time of exploration. Before deciding on a career in medicine, be sure to get some first hand experiences. Shadowing a variety of doctors is a great way to learn about different fields in the profession and hear stories about what it takes to become a doctor. I shadowed several doctors from the Cleveland Clinic, including a kidney transplant surgeon, a vascular surgeon, and an internal medicine physician.

"Volunteering is another great way to learn more about the hospital environment. While it is important to figure out your major and your next step after college, don't forget to do what you love.

Jane Ke Feng in Tiananmen Square photo"Whether it's traveling to China, calming pre-exam jitters by playing the piano and violin (I've been playing since I was six), or just hanging out with friends, make sure to set aside time to focus on non-academic activities and enjoy life!"

[October 2011]


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