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Over the last 4 years, 61.3% of Miami undergraduate applicants have been accepted to medical schools, compared to a national average of 45%.

Mallory-Wilson Center
for Healthcare Education at Miami University

Alumni Video: To Become a Physician

Featuring Richard Blath (Miami 1968), MD

Chief of Urology with St. Louis Urological Surgeons at Christian Northeast Medical, St. Louis, MO


Text Transcript

(In this video Richard Blath talks about the importance of hard work and enjoying your profession.)

"If you want to become a physician, you have to look at college as a bus stop. You come in, you spend four years here, and then you get on another bus and you go somewhere else.

"So, while you're here, it's fine to join a fraternity or sorority; it's fine to go out on Friday nights and have a beer; it's fine to get into relationships.

"However, if the purpose of going to college is to get you into a good medical school, you've got to stay out of trouble. You can't put things on Facebook that you don't want your medical school admissions to see. But, most of all, you really have to work hard. Medical schools are not interested in students who get Cs. You have to get As. You have to get Bs.

"You have to work very hard. You have to be totally committed 24 hours a day. You've got to do well on your tests, and you've got to have a passion for your future.

"You've got to like what you're doing. If you don't like zoology or chemistry in college, you're not going to like becoming a doctor, because that's what it's all about: it's problem solving and it's fixing people who are sick."

[April 2012]


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