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The ability of scientists to move genes from one organism to another has raised interest in the many possible benefits this process can bring to society. The public has become excited about the results of biotechnology. Crops are being engineered to resist attack by insects and pests. Fruits and vegetables are lasting longer and tasting better. Using genetic engineering, products are being produced to enhance milk production and beef quality in cattle. Scientists are engineering bacteria so they can or get rid of harmful chemicals and help solve environmental problems. Genetic engineering has been used to produce products for the treatment and prevention of human diseases. Genetic engineering provides limitless possibilities for the benefit of society.

  1. Would you support defending your country at all costs!?

    There is the possibility that pathogenic bacteria could be created and spread. This creation could be purely accidental or the results of biological warfare research. For some people, the entire idea of biological warfare could be a viable option for defense .

  2. Do we have the right to alter life as we know it!?

    Many people are particulary concerned about the ethical questions associated with
    genetic engineering of human genes. The potential exists to improve the quality of human life.

  3. How would you like bigger and better food for your buck!?

    Genetically engineered food has the potential to taste and look better than ever. Scientists are able to produce more food at a reasonble price.

  4. Should the government regulate biotechnology!?

    The possible benefits of genetically engineering organisms have caused some legislature and discussion of
    control over experimentation and use of genetically engineered organisms.

  5. Would you receive a genetically engineered vaccine!?

    Vaccines have been developed using biotechnology. New techniques for vaccine development have emerged that have the potential to prevent and cure many human diseases .

  6. Do you want to have a cleaner, safer world!?

    Bacteria can be used to deal with
    environmental problems, such as oil spills.




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