Other Significant Contributors To The Field Of Microscopy:
~2600 B.C.E.
rock crystal artifacts found in the shape of convex lenses
Greeks and Romans
~31 C.E.
observed the magnification properties of water, used rock crystal convex lenses, practiced glass blowing
Arabian Alhazen
(962 - 1038 C.E.)
described the actions of the lenses in his treatise on optics called Optics Thesaurus Alhazeni Arabius Basil
Roger Bacon
(1214-1292 C.E.)
referred to the concepts and usages of lenses in his scientific works
Ernst Leitz
1873 C.E.
introduced mircoscope with revolving nosepiece for objectives
August Kohler
~1880 C.E.
figured out the optimum spacing for the light and condenser which would produce sharp images
Katherine Blodgett
1917 C.E.
developed micro-coatings which allowed her to develop non-reflecting "invisible" glass
Max Knoll and Ernst Ruska
1931 C.E.
built the first electron microscope
Ernt Ruska
1933 C.E.
increases magnification of electron microscope to levels higher than a compound light microscope