A Primer of Ecology with R

FINALLY -- the real update is now available (February 2011). The particular printing is indicated on page ii in the front matter ("2nd [corrected] printing"). Unfortunately, it is still technically the 1st edition, and uses the same ISBN number. Therefore, it is possible to still wind up with an older copy (i.e., the first printing) that has been floating around. Also, there are copies floating ariound the say "2nd [corrected] printing" but which were not corrected.

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R Graphics

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Errata for the 1st printing (2009) and the 2nd corrected printing (Sept. 2010)

New coolness

The authors of the deSolve package, Soetaert, Petzoldt, and Setzer, have built a continuous delay differential solver, and it is in the latest version of the package (1.7) which I think requires the latest version of R. The continuous delay differential equation solver uses the function dede() -- thank you, Karline, Thomas, and Woody! Here I provide one of their examples, augmented with extra comments of mine.

Old documents, from the 2009 printing

For each chapter directory (links below), the R code is in the .R file with the chapter number (e.g., Chapter01.R). Unfortunately, the figures are all cryptically labelled; however, the R code will reproduce them, of course. The data sets are .csv files, which are also available as datasets in the primer package.

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Appendix.

Ecology Models Packages...

... of which I am aware. deSolve, ecolMod, emdbook, fishmethods, popbio, primer, simecol, vegan, untb. For data analysis, see the Environmetrics Task View.