I like to think broadly about Ecology, and thus I am trying to reinvent the undergraduate pedagogy of general ecology (a book with Oxford Univ. Press is slowly taking shape). I am also an R geek, and I rely on R, JAGS, Latex, and Sweave (links) for literate programming and data analysis.

Reinventing (General) Ecology

Following Banavar et al. (2012, 2007), Ginzburg and Damuth (2010), Scheiner and Willig (2008, 2011), Scheiner (2012), Loreau (2010, Princeton Monograph Series), Nowak (2006, Page and Nowak 2002), Ginzburg and Arditi (2012), I am in the hunt for an underlying framework of ecology and evolutionary biology. A book from Oxford University Press is in the works.

Primer of Ecology with R (Springer, 2009)

This book and accompanying R package ('primer') package provide a simple introduction to theoretical/mathematical ecology (e.g., Gotelli 2008, Roughgarden 1998) that also provides an introduction to R, the Open Source language for statistical and dynamical modeling (http://www.r-project.org/). It is part of Springer Publishers' "use R" series for the natural and social sciences. The R package primer') is available at the R repositories (CRAN sites). There is also a web site for errata.

R package development for vegetation monitoring at the Shenandoah National Park (USNPS)

Vegetation data is notoriously nasty, with lots of rare species, lots of zeroes, and relative poor sample coverage for anything at the species level. I am developing an R package to simplify advanced methods to estimate and display important features of vegetation. Advanced methods include Bayesian approaches for static patterns and trends over time.