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Style Files for formatting BibTeX bibliographies in LaTeX documents (right-click (Windows), or Crtl-click (Mac) to download): The American Naturalist (amnat2.bst); Ecology (ecology.bst); Ecology Letters (ecology_letters2.bst); Journal of Ecology (jecol2.bst); Oikos (oikos.bst). If these don't work precisely right (e.g., jecol2 doesn't format  chapters in edited books correctly, ecology.bst includes URL's) my work-around is to edit the .bbl file (thanks to A. King) or eliminate the URL in selected references in my reference manager (my choices: BibDesk or JabRef). For Ecology and Journal of Ecology, use \usepackage[authoryear]{natbib} and \bibpunct{(}{)}{;}{a}{}{,} to control details of in text references. See James Bray's LaTeX help page for usage.