Quantitative methods

I am an R geek, and I rely on Latex and Sweave (links) for literate programming and data analysis.

A General Theory Of Ecology

Following Banavar et al. (2012, 2007), Scheiner and Willig (2008, 2011), Scheiner (2012), Loreau (2010, Princeton Monograph Series), Nowak (2006, Page and Nowak 2002), I am in the hunt for the underlying framework of ecology (including ecosystem ecology!) and evolutionary biology.

Primer of Ecology with R (Springer, 2009)

This book and accompanying R package ('primer') package provide a simple introduction to theoretical/mathematical ecology (e.g., Gotelli 2008, Roughgarden 1998) that also provides an introduction to R, the Open Source language for statistical and dynamical modeling (http://www.r-project.org/). It is part of Springer Publishers' "use R" series for the natural and social sciences. The R package primer') is available at the R repositories (CRAN sites). There is also a web site for errata.

Other stuff

I occasionally help organizations and individuals with programming and data analysis.