Dr. Hank Stevens

Phone: (513) 529-4206
Office: 338 Pearson Hall
Research interests: biodiversity, dynamics, biostatistics.
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Past Students

Dong Chen

Effects of temperature on diversification in Escherichia coli. Dong finished his B.S. at Duke, and will soon be in grad school studying bioengineering!

Alex Harkess

I am currently a PhD student in Jim Leebens-Mack's lab at the University of Georgia, studying the functional and genomic changes underlying the recent evolution of sex chromosomes in Asparagus. Additionally, I apply phylogenomic strategies to study how polyploidization events shape the diversity of angiosperm species. Working in Hank's lab was my first research experience as an undergraduate, and I can't believe the path I've since traveled!

Lindsey Hesch

eagerly awaiting update...

Wei Li

I am now working in Yunnan Academy of Biodiversity. This research institute was just founded half a year ago, with all the offices and labs just remodeled and furniture purchased. The institute is located within Southwest Forestry University. The two campuses are located on mountains. Shuqiang and I are on separate campuses. A lot of walking daily. It is time-consuming but good for health!

Meimei Lin

linm3 (at) miamioh dot edu
Meimei Lin
I earned my master's degree in Ecology from Xiamen University, China. My past work mainly involved the biodiversity and conservation of forest natural reserves. My first independent research project was my master dissertation. I used gap models, also known as succession models, to simulate individual-tree growth and death and seedling establishment, as to model the dynamics of species replacement through several generations under natural conditions of disturbances.

Melanie Link-Perez

Melanie is an Assistant Professor in the Biology Department at Armstrong Atlantic University and the Curator of the Armstrong Atlantic State University herbarium .

Stephanie Ann Meyers

...eagerly awaiting update...

Robbie Stuck

...eagerly awaiting update...

Dana Thomas

Dana is now the proud mother of the Institute Of Botanical Training.

Frank Farruggia

(Frank wasn't my student, but as a member of his committee, I wished I was his advisor :D). Frank got his MS here at Miami, his Ph.D. at Utah, and is now with EPA in Virginia.