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Questions for Exam 3 (Monday, November 2)

MULTIPLE CHOICE: Choose the letter corresponding to the ONE answer for each question.

1. Which statement about tobacco smoking use is true?
a. About one-fifth of the US adult population smokes tobacco now, compared to about half during the 1950s and 1960s.
b. People who begin smoking tobacco as teenagers, tire of it quickly and usually quit about the time they graduate from high school.
c. Nicotine is addictive, but its effects on the body have been proven by extensive studies not lead to cardiovascular damage.

2. Which statement about health services in the US is true?
a. County Boards of Health are responsible for controlling wastes and communicable diseases as well as for ensuring safe food and water supplies.
b. The individual physician is the agent primarily responsible for health services at the local level, but not at the state or national level.
c. No executive departments of the US government other than Health and Human Services has branches involved with health.

3. Which statement about environmental health is true?
a. Appropriate refuse disposal is not very important because it actually does nothing to help prevent accumulation of vermin such as rats.
b. Industrial chemicals, human wastes and radioactive materials released from nuclear plants may be involved in pollution of water, but not in air pollution.
c. Damage that may be caused by air pollutants includes cancer and chronic lung diseases, and the destruction of buildings, trees or lakes by acid rain.

MATCHING MULTIPLE CHOICE: Choose the BEST answer. An answer may be used more than once within a set of questions.

Answers to questions 4-6:

a. THC euphorics
b. CNS depressants
c. Narcotic analgesics
d. CNS stimulants
e. More than one of these
  1. _____ include alcohol, barbiturates, tranquilizers and bromides.

  2. _____ include amphetamines, cocaine, nicotine and caffeine.

  3. _____ include heroin, morphine, propoxyphene (darvon), codeine, demerol and methadone. 

TRUE FALSE: If a statement is TRUE, enter A on the answer sheet; if it is FALSE, enter B.

  1. The idea that the US health care system is being controlled more by administrators than by physicians is not likely to become a reality, even with the continued growth of managed care systems.

  2. Current-day treatment of mental disorders is most likely to be based on somatic (drug) therapy alone, rather than combinations of psychotherapy, behavioral therapy and somatic therapy.

  3. One of the problems that led to our current health care financial crisis was the privatization of healthcare in the US, which shifted the emphasis from primarily patient care outcomes to profitability of the companies providing the healthcare.

To help you prepare for exam 3, I have scheduled a Review Session from 4:10 to 5:10 pm on Friday, October 30 in PSN 116
I hope you're enjoying learning all this cool community health stuff ... good luck on the third (final) exam!

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