Microcavity Lasers - single atom or semiconductor gain medium, in a high Q cavity

Laser Linewidth Floor in Microcavity Lasers Leno Pedrotti (U. Dayton), Mike Sokol (U. Dayton), Perry Rice, Phys. Rev. A 59, 2295-2301 (1999)

Photon Statistics of Single Atom Lasers Bobby Jones**, James Clemens **, Perry Rice, and Shohini Ghose*, Phys. Rev. A 60, 3267 (1999)

Spectrum of Single Atom Lasers
James Clemens, Leno Pedrotti (U. Dayton), and Perry Rice

Photon statistics of a cavity Q.E.D. laser: A comment on the laser phase-transition analogy Perry Rice and H. J. Carmichael (U. Oregon) - Physical Review 50, 4318 (1994)

* Undergraduate student at M. U.

 ** Graduate student at M. U.

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