Physics And Science Books You Should Read

They contain the wubba-wubba. You know what that means........

These books can be borrowed from the Wiesenschmacker Memorial Library, contact Perry
title author rating comments
"Most of the Good Stuff": Memories of Richard Feynman Laurie Brown and John Rigden 4 paper
????? Roger Penrose and Stephen Hawking 4
A Brief History of Time Stephen Hawking 3 paper
A Journey Into Gravity and Spacetime John Wheeler 4.5
A Mathematician Reads The Newspaper John Allen Paulos 4 paper
A Tour Of The Calculus David Berlinski ? paper
About Time Paul Davies 5 paper
After The First Three Minutes Padmanabhan 4.5
Alvarez: Adventures of a Physicist Luis Alvarez 4 bio
Arrow of Time, The Peter Coveney an Roger Highfield 5 paper
At Home in the Universe (JW) John Wheeler ? bio
At Home In The Universe (SK) Stuart Kauffman ? paper
Beat of a Different Drun: The Life and Science of Richard Feynman, The Jagdish Mehta 4.5 bio
Beginnings Isaac Asimov 4
Beyond Einstein Michio Kaku and Jennifer Trainer 4
Beyond The Physics Of Star Trek Lawrence Krauss 4.5
Black Holes and Baby Universes Stephen Hawking 3 paper
Black Holes and the Universe Igor Novikov 4.5 paper
Black Holes and Time Warps Kip Thorne 5 paper?
Chaos James Glieck 4.5 paper
Character of Physical Law, The Richard Feynman 5.5 paper
Charm of Physics, The Sheldon Glashow 2
Coming Of Age In The Milky Way Timothy Ferris 4.5 paper
Complexity: The emerging science of... M. Waldrop 5 paper
Constructing Quarks Andrew Pickering 3.5
Cosmic Code, The Heinz Pagels 5 paper
Cosmic Coincidences John Gribbin and Martin Rees 4 paper
Cosmic Time Travel: A Scientific Odyssey Barry Parker ?
Cosmology Rowan-Robinson 3.5
Dancing Wu Li Masters, The Gary Zukav 4 paper
Dreams of a Final Theory Stephen Weinberg 4.5 paper
Dreams of Reason, The Heinz Pagels 4 paper
Einstein's Legacy Julian Schwinger 4
Einstein: Life and Times Ronald Clark 4
Emperors New Mind, The Roger Penrose 4.5 paper
Encounters with Einstein- and other essays Werner Heisenberg 3 paper
Feynman Lectures (vol I-III ), The Richard Feynman 5 paper ( 3 volumes)
Feynman Lectures On Computation Feynman 5.5
Feynman Lectures On Gravitation Feynman 4.5
First Three Minutes, The Steven Weinberg 5 paper
Flatland Edwin Abbot 3 paper
From Being to Becoming: Time and Compexity in the Physical Sciences Ilya Prigogine 4 paper
From Quarks To The Cosmos Lederman and Schramm 4.5
Frontiers of Complexity Coveney and Highfield 5 paper
Genius James Glieck 5 paper?
Geons, Black Holes and Quantum Foam John Wheeler 4.5 paper?
God and the New Physics Paul Davies 5 paper
God Particle, The Leon Lederman and Dick Teresi 4 paper
Great Design, The Richard Adair 4 paper
Heisenbergs War Thomas Powers 4 paper
History of Physics, The Isaac Asimov 4 paper
History of Time, The Steven Hawking 4 paper?
Hyperspace Michio Kaku 5 paper
In Search Of The Ultimate Building Blocks Gerard t'Hooft ? paper
Interactions Sheldon Glashow w/ Ben Bova 4 bio
Inward Bound Abraham Pais 5 paper
Joy of Insight, The Victor Weiskopf 4 bio, paper
Lawrence and Oppenheimer Nuel Davis 4
Lighter Side of Gravity, The Jayant Narlikar 5 paper
Making of the Atomic Bomb, The Richard Rhodes 4.5 bio
Meaning of Quantum Theory, The Jim Baggot 4.5
Meaning of Special Relativity, The Albert Einstein 4 paper
Modern Physics and Antiphysics Adolph Baker 3
Moment of Creation, The James Trefil 5
Mr. Tompkins Explores the Atom George Gamow 5
Mr. Tompkins in Paperback Geroge Gamow 5 paper
Mr. Tompkins in Wonderland George Gamow 5
Neils Bohr's Life and Times Abraham Pais ? bio
New Physics, The ed. Paul Davies 5
Nothingness ??? 4.5
Nuetrino, The Isaac Asimov 4 paper
Oppenheimer Hearing, The John Major 4
Order Out Of Chaos Ilya Prigogine 4 paper
Particle Garden, The Gordon Kane 4 paper
Particle Physics in the Cosmos: Sci. Am. Ed. Carrigan and Trower 5 paper
Particles and Fields: Sci. Am. Scientific American 5 paper
Particles and Forces, at the heart of the matter: Sci. Am. Ed. Carrigan and Trower 5 paper
Physics of Star Trek, The Lawrence Krauss 4.5 paper
Principles of Cosmology and Gravitation Michael Berry 5
Privilege of Being A Physicist, The Victor Weiskopf 4 bio
QED Richard Feynman 5 paper
QED and the Men Who Made It Silvan Schweber 5 paper
Quantum Dot, The Richard Turton 5 paper
Quantum Mechanics and Experience David Albert 4
Quantum Physics: Illusion or Reality Alastair Rae 4
Quantum World, The J. C. Polkinghorne 4
Quark and the Jaguar, The Murray Gell-Mann 4.5 paper
Quarks, Critters, and Chaos Jo Ann Shroyer 4
Rabi: Scientist and Citizen John Rigden 4 bio
Recollections of Eugene Wigner, The Andrew Szanton 3 bio
Relativity  Albert Einstein 3
Relativity Explosion, The Martin Gardner 3.5
Relativity Visualized Saul Epstein 5
Restless Universe, The Max Born 4
Ring of Truth, The Philip Morrison 4.5
Road From Los Alamos, The Hans Bethe 5 bio
Rochester Roundabout John Polkinghorne 3
Schroedinger's Machines Gerard Milburn 5.5 paper
Schroedinger: Life and Thought Walter Moore 4.5 paper
Scientific American: The Physics of Everyday Phenomena ed. Jearl Walker ? paper
Second Creation, The Robert Crease and Charles Mann 5.5 paper
Shadows of the Mind Roger Penrose 5 paper
Soft Energy Paths Amory Lovins 4.5 paper
Space and TIme in Special Relativity David Mermin 5 paper
Space and Time in the Modern Universe Paul Davies 5 paper?
Stephen Hawking: Quest for a theory of everything Kitty Ferguson 3
Steven Hawking's Universe John Boslough 3
Strange Story of the Quantum, The Banesh Hoffman 4 paper
Subtle is the Lord...  Abraham Pais 5 bio
Supercomputing and Science - Sci. Am. Library Kauffman and Smarr 4
Superstrings ed. By P. Davies and J. Brown 4.5 paper
Surely You Must Be Joking Mr. Feynman! Richard Feynman 5 paper
Symmetries and Reflections: Scientific Essays Eugene Wigner ? paper
Symmetry Herman Weyl 5 paper
Taming The Atom Hans Christian Von Bayer 4 paper?
Tao of Physics, The Fritjof Capra 4 paper
Tenth Dimension, The Jeremy Bernstein 4.5 paper
The Big Bang Joseph Silk 5
The Elegant Universe Brian Greene 5+
The End Of Physics David Lindley ? paper?
The Feynman Processor Gerard Milburn 5.5 paper
The Ghost In The Atom ed. By P. Davies and J. Brown ? paper
The Inflationary Univers Alan Guth 4 paper
The Last Three Minutes Paul Davies ? paper
The Man Who Knew Infinity - Ramanujan Robert Krangel 4 bio
The Quantum Challenge Greenstein and Zajonc 5 paper
The Quantum Universe Hey and Walters 5 paper
The River Of Time Novikov 5
The Way Nature Works Per Bak 4.5 paper
The Whole Shebang Timothy Ferris 5
Theories of Everything John Barrow 4
Thinking in Complexity Klaus Mainzer 4 paper?
Time Machines Paul Nahin 4
Times Arrow Richard Morris 4.5 paper
Uncertainty: The Life of Werner Heisenberg **** ? bio, paper
Universe, The Isaac Asimov 5 paper
Virtual Reality Howard Rheingold 5 paper
Was Einstein Right? Tests of General Relativity Clifford Will 5 paper
What Do You Care What Other People Think Richard Feynman 5 paper
Why Nothing Can Travel Faster Than The Speed Of Light Zimmerman and Zimmerman 4
Wrinkles In Time George Smoot 3 paper

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