Rocks & Minerals Magazine

Amateurs as well as professional scientists delight in and pour over Rocks & Minerals, which has published articles on mineralogy, geology, and paleontology since 1926. Regular departments explore such topics as minerals for the collector, microminerals, and current geologic events. Detailed lists of collecting opportunities in specific localities appear periodically, as do special theme issues. Spectacular color photographs appear throughout each issue. Rocks & Minerals works with the Mineralogical Society of America to promote cooperation between collectors and professional mineralogists.


 For a full description of the journal, including its interesting history, see the article "Journal Presentations: Rocks & Minerals" from Issue 7 of MINERALS - The Collectors Newspaper


Word to the Wise

This is a regular column that explores the meaning of terms pertaining to mineralogy, geology and mineral deposits that are often seen in Rocks&Minerals.



Web-Extras are Web-based supplements to articles in rocks and minerals. They are videos, animations, etc.


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