Careers in Geoscience


2011 article from the journal Nature about the future outlook for careers in geoscience.

Geoscience Career Outlook


Below are links to useful sites for researching career opportunities in the geosciences.

These sites contain links to many other employment and career resources.

American Geological Institute Geoscience Workforce Program

AGI Geoscience Careers

AGI's Guide to Geoscience Careers and Employers

The Geological Society of America Resources and Jobs Center

The American Geophysical Society Careers Center

American Association of Petroleum Geologists Career Center

Sloan Career Cornerstone Center: Geosciences

Science careers from the journal SCIENCE: Geosciences

SET: A Career in Geoscience

Preparing for an Academic Career in the Geosciences

Geoscience Employment Gateways



EARTH Magazine




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