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Anita Mannur photoWelcome to Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies!

Dear Friends:

Autumn means a new year for our academic program, and we are gearing up for some exciting events. Our personnel are a little different—Anita Mannur, associate professor of English joins us as the new director of the program. Along with Ann Fuehrer, the assistant director, she is available to provide advice about the WGS program.

The heart of our program lies with our faculty and students, and what they are doing. Recently, our core faculty and affiliates won significant awards from Miami:

  • Sally Lloyd and Mary Jean Corbett
    Women's Leadership Awards
  • Kathleen Johnson
    E. Phillips Knox Teaching Award
  • Charlotte Newman Goldy
    Alumni Association Effective Educator
  • Nicholas Money
    Sigma Xi Researcher of the Year
  • Carolyn Haynes
    Distinguished Service Award


Academic awards are based on years of work and accomplishment. View a few of the projects [PDF] our faculty and students are currently exploring.

If you are interested in becoming involved in courses or research projects like these, you may want to consider majoring or minoring in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, or at least taking one of our courses. Employers are eager to have the skills our students acquire. A recent (2010) AACU survey of potential employers external link icon[PDF], "Raising the Bar: Employers' Views on College Learning in the Wake of the Economic Downturn," that 65% of employers want colleges to place greater emphasis on the "ability to understand the global context of situations and decisions," and "global issues and developments and their implications for the future." At the same time, 57% of potential employers place a high value on their future employees' knowledge of "cultural diversity in American and other countries." In the areas of civic responsibility and integrative learning, an authoritative 75% of employers would like to see more emphasis on "the ability to connect choices and actions to ethical decisions," 52% value "civic knowledge, civic participation, and community engagement" and, significantly, 79% want their future employees to possess "the ability to apply knowledge and skills to real-world settings through "the ability to apply knowledge and skills to real-world settings through internships or other hands-on experiences." According to these data, the education provided by the WGS Program, with the strong emphasis we place on engaged learning, intercultural and civic awareness, and connecting theory with practice, is the wave of the future.

Browse our curriculum section on this website or stop into our Programs Office at 120 MacMillan Hall and pick up a brochure to learn more about how we are making these learning opportunities real for students at Miami. Check back here for news and information about our courses, co-curricular programs, student and faculty achievements, and further developments on the cutting edge of 21st century education.

For more information, please contact:

Programs Office
120 MacMillan Hall
Oxford, OH 45056
Phone: (513) 529-5333
Fax: (513) 529-1890


Director: Anita Mannur
126 MacMillan Hall
Oxford, OH 45056
Phone: (513) 529-4616
Email: mannura@MiamiOH.edu
Fax: (513) 529-1890


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