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Andy Stiebler (2009)

Andy Stiebler photoopenquoteBy recording and sharing what Western College Program alumni have achieved with their Western degrees, I hope to inspire potential students to think creatively about their college education options.closequote

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Audree Riddle (2010)

Audree Riddle photoopenquoteAs part of the Western community, I discovered my own views and learned how to stand up for them, to embrace the different perspectives of my peers and, most importantly, to respect them.closequote

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Jeffrey Patton (1988)

Jeffrey Patton photoopenquoteStudents are asked to take positions, criticize, and expose internal inconsistencies. This is not the case in many undergraduate programs, and I can't imagine one that does it better than Western.closequote

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Lara Osborne (1991)

Lara Osborne photoopenquoteFor many of us, being at Western was the first time in our lives we weren't weird. And magic happens when a group of outsiders become insiders, pool their eccentricities and geniuses and doubts and convictions to create a community.closequote

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Pulkit Datta (2008)

Pulkit Datta photoopenquoteFor a medium-sized, red-brick university campus planted in the middle of corn fields and more corn fields, Miami has an amazing wealth of opportunities ... Through Miami's curriculum, specifically at Western, I was able to take strides in learning outside the classroom using the critical thinking that we practiced so often in seminars.closequote

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Madeline J. Iseli (1985)

Madeline J. Iseli photoopenquoteThe Western College Program pushed us to fully engage in our own learning, to chart our own courses. As a result, we felt a profound sense of responsibility, not only for ourselves, but to our community, and to the larger world, as well.closequote

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Ming Tak Martin Yip (2008)

Martin Yip photoopenquoteBesides making many lifelong friends, I was empowered to be an active member of the world ... many students study abroad in Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, or do community work for the underprivileged in neighboring areas.closequote

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Amy Peterson (2009)

Amy Peterson photoopenquoteYour time at Miami is what you make of it, and I decided very early on that I would take advantage of a variety of opportunities ... Through these experiences, I developed my language skills, met people from all around the world, had exposure to people and issues that challenged my viewpoints, and learned how to better work with various people.closequote

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Barbara A. Knuth (1980)

Barbara A. Knuth photoopenquoteThe residential learning experience and interactions with faculty on campus ... was quite influential in my own excitement and engagement on campus as a student ... At Western, I saw the benefits to students from such close faculty interactions, but also perceived that faculty realized real benefits from their interactions as well.closequote

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James Francis Flynn (2003)

James Francis Flynn photoopenquoteFrom my perspective, there are two things that made Western truly special and beneficial as a college experience. The first is that the program was an interdisciplinary one that focused on the connections between various disciplines ... The second is that Western was committed to being a living/learning community.closequote

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