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Harcourt School Publishers offers On the Resource Trail, an interactive game in which students identify the connection between common objects and their natural resources. Note: If you have an older browser, you may need to download Macromedia Shockwave to view movies.

Natural Resource Kits are available through the Hamilton County Department of Environmental Services. These kits help students understand where natural resources come from. Each kit contains a sample of bauxite, iron ore, wood chips, sand, and oil, which are the raw materials used for aluminum, steel, paper, glass, and plastic. Included are fact sheets about each raw material. These kits are FREE for Hamilton County educators and $5 for educators outside of Hamilton County. Contact Susan Schumacher at 513-946-7734 or e-mail requests to

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The Mineral Information Institute offers information for teachers. It emphasizes that everything we use comes from something. Click on the icon above.


"Every American Born Will Need..." is a creative one page diagram that illustrates the connections between minerals and the choices we make as Americans. Click on the icon above.


And So They Build by Bert Kitchen takes readers into the extraordinary world of animal behavior with descriptions of twelve astonishing architects and explanations of why and how they build their marvelous structures. ISBN 1-56402-502-0


Brother Eagle, Sister Sky: A Message from Chief Seattle by Susan Jeffers uses the words of Chief Seattle from over 150 years ago to remind us of the value of nature. ISBN-0-590-46648-8

The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry tells the story of a man who goes into the rainforest to cut down a great kapok tree, but falls asleep. Animals whisper to him as he sleeps, telling him of the value of the nature around him. ISBN 0-15-200520-X

Hey, Little Ant by Phillip and Hannah Hoose uses full page color drawings and an everyday experience (ants on the sidewalk) to bring home the concept of appreciation for nature. ISBN 1-883672-54-6

In a Nutshell by Joseph Anthony uses wonderful illustrations by Cris Arbo to tell the story of an acorn seed as it grows into an oak tree and beyond. A wonderful read-aloud to connect with humans and the environment, the cycling of matter and more. ISBN 1-883220-99-8


Hands-On Nature: Information and Activities for Exploring the Environment with Children by The Vermont Institute of Natural Science is a wonderful teacher resource which contains hundreds of activities including outdoor investigations, puppet shows, and more. It is a great life science resource for the elementary classroom. Check out the Breath of Life Puppet Show for a fun connection to cycles (carbon dioxide/oxygen). Copies can be ordered at 1-800-421-1561. ISBN 1-58465-078-8

Biosphere 2000

Biosphere 2000, Third Edition by Don Kaufman and Cecilia Franz is an excellent teacher resource for background information on the earth's resources. ISBN 0-7872-5713-3