Why do some pages on the site not print the way they look on the screen?

Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML files were not originally designed for printing. Their strength is in their ability to link to multiple pages and/or images. Portable Document Files or PDFs are designed for printing. This is why most websites use a combination of the two types of files. Other helpful information is listed below.

  • Printing is determined by your printer type and the type of Internet browser (Netscape, Internet Explorer) you use.
  • Most browsers will allow you to change the size of the text you are viewing, but some browsers will not allow you to change the size of the printed text.
  • Pages with color images or photos such as Related Resources were not intended to be printed. Unless you print these pages using a color printer, the quality may be as good as a clear grayscale image or as bad as a skewed image that overlaps other images and text on the page.