How can I organize my science materials so I can find what I need easily?

This suggestion works if you have access to copier boxes or are willing to purchase plastic storage tubs. Start by mentally dividing your science resources into two groups: Unit-based Resources and General Supplies. Unit-based Resources are materials you use only for specific units of instruction (e.g., matter, weather). Separate these by unit into storage boxes and label. Store them in out of the way places as they may only be used once per year. General Supplies are resources that are used regularly and for more than one unit (e.g., rubber bands, hand lenses). Organize these alphabetically and place them in labelled boxes (e.g., sand, salt, seeds, and straws in the S box). Combine letters such as X, Y, and Z into one box to use fewer boxes. Place a large letter on the outside of the box for quick reference. Store them where they are easy to reach as they will be used regularly.

Note: It is recommended that you organize your General Supplies over the summer when you can sort materials onto desks around the room (e.g., all A supplies on the same desk...).