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"To the extent that the world surrenders its richness and diversity, it surrenders its poetry... as its options diminish, so do its chances for the future."
~Tom Robbins~

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Seeds in Fall...Collect Them All!

Seeds in Fall...Collect Them All! is actually five activities in one inquiry. In How Many Different Kinds of Tree Seeds Can You Find at Your School?, students are introduced to the term biodiversity while they collect seeds around their school. In How Many Different Kinds of Tree Seeds Can You Find in Your Community?, students collect tree seeds around their homes over a one-week period. In What Kind of Seed Is It?, students identify collected seeds using selected books and/or online resources. A class survey of seed varieties is used to reinforce the concept of biodiversity. In What Is Dichotomous Sorting?, students silently sort themselves into groups by attributes as an introduction to dichotomous keying. In How Can You Use Dichotomous Sorting to Classify Seeds?, student apply their knowledge of attributes and dichotomous keying using the seeds they've collected and identified. The Family Page extends this learning to the community by inviting parents to facilitate home seed collecting and dichotomous keying.

Note:  This inquiry is designed to be completed in September or October.

This inquiry is dedicated to Mrs. Sowers who, in 1955, planted the seeds of inquiry, discovery, and excitement in her pupil Donny with her fall seed collecting assignment. Little did she know that Donny would extend his love of science into a fruitful (excuse the pun) career that would span 35+ years of teaching.