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It's a Small World After All! (Pond Microcosms)
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Science Clips, by the BBC, offers interactive science animations that can be manipulated by students in order to learn science content. Check out the "Micro-organisms" science clip that relates to this inquiry.

Brock Optical offers the Magiscope (microscope) which takes the effort out of microscope use in the classroom. Students will spend more time using microscopes and considerably less time learning the process of using microscopes (as compared with the standard microscope). Ask for pricing that includes both a 5x and 10x eyepiece and a 10x objective. Click above for their website or phone 800-780-9111 for more information.

The Ponds Puppet Show  is one of dozens of puppet shows you will find in Hands-On Nature: Information and Activities for Exploring the Environment with Children by The Vermont Institute of Natural Science. Assign a small group of students to create props and conduct this wetlands puppet show for the class. Click on the icon above to download this puppet show.


Click here to visit the site., an award-winning site, offers original animated movies that answer kids' questions about health, science, and technology. The site provides an interactive quiz while movies load. Visit the site and watch their two minute Air Pollution movie. Contrast the effects of air pollution in this movie with water pollution observations from the Microcosms and Pollution investigation. Note: This is a subscription site, but selected movies are available without a subscription.


Horton Hears A Who! by Dr. Seuss tells the story of Horton, an elephant, who goes to great lengths to make his community understand that Who-ville, a microscopic town, exists in the blossom of a flower. This is a great read-aloud book to introduce or sum-up microcosms. ISBN 0-394-80078-8


Pond Life by George K. Reid, Ph.D. is a comprehensive, yet economical, resource for the identification of pond organisms. Purchasing a copy for each team of students puts text and illustrations at their fingertips as they explore. ISBN 0-307-24017-7


Pond Water Zoo by Peter Loewer uses beautifully detailed yet easy to understand drawings and text to examine a drop of pond water and the teeming unseen life present there. The book's introduction briefly places microscopic life in the context of the five kingdoms and teaches readers how to keep a pond water zoo and use a microscope or pocket lens. Subsequent chapters explore specific pond organisms, their functions and place in nature. ISBN 0-689-31736-0.


Life in a Pond by Janet Halfmann uses text and vivid photographs to capture the beauty of the pond ecosystem. An excellent student or teacher reference book. ISBN1-58341-073-2


Pond Watching by Michael Elsohn Ross weaves together the story of famous woman scientist and pond expert, Ann Morgan with background information and practical ideas for pond watching and nature study. An excellent biography, student reference, and teacher reference book. ISBN 1-57505-385-3


The Wump World by Bill Peet tells the story of the Wumps, whose world is greatly altered when aliens, known as the Pollutians, take over their planet. This is a great read-aloud to connect learning from the pollution portion of this inquiry to students and our world. ISBN 0395-311-292


What About Ladybugs? by Celia Godkin tells the story of a gardener who, in trying to get rid of the "bad" insects, inadvertently upsets the healthy diversity of his garden. Connection: Rice (a pollutant) used in the microcosm investigation upsets the healthy diversity of the pond microcosm. ISBN 0-87156-549-8


Using Microcosms to Teach about the Environment by Donald G. Kaufman and Lisa Taylor is an excellent information book for teachers who will be using microcosms in the classroom. All aspects of microcosms are covered including creating microcosms, maintaining microcosms, experimenting with microcosms, and connecting microcosms to our larger Earth system. ISBN 0-7872-2245-3