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What Goes Up, Must Come Down!
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Web Links

United Streaming offers online streaming video with thousands of videos and video clips just a mouse click away. To visit this site, and search their gravity video database, click on the icon above.

Note: Although this service is by subscription, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial. The movies run best if you Download rather than Stream them. Windows Media Player is recommended for PC users.

Click here to visit the site., an award-winning site, offers original animated movies that answer kids' questions about health, science, and technology. The site provides an interactive quiz while movies load. To visit the site and watch their two minute Gravity movie, click on the icon above. Note: This is a subscription site, but selected movies are available without a subscription.

From Apples to Orbits: The Gravity Story is a ThinkQuest entry that provides a comprehensive and interactive learning guide on the topic of gravity.

Funderstanding provides a Roller Coaster link which allows you to manipulate a roller coaster's speed, mass, friction, and gravity.

Books and Other Resources

Waking Upside Down by Philip Heckman is a wonderful story about a boy named Morton, who unexpectedly has been given the freedom to go, boldly, where no one in his family has ever gone before. A must-read read-aloud book for the elementary classroom. ISBN 0-689-31930-4


Gravity is a Mystery by Franklyn M. Branley uses wonderful color drawings and just the right amount of text to make this an excellent informational read-aloud for the middle elementary classroom. ISBN 0-690-04526-3


All Fall Down by David Conrad uses colorful illustrations and simple text to explain gravity in our world. An excellent student shelf book for the primary classroom. ISBN 0-7565-0224-1


Zero Gravity by Gloria Skurzynski uses fascinating color photographs and clear text to explain what gravity is, what it does, and how it affects you. An excellent student shelf book for the upper elementary classroom. ISBN 0-02-782925-1


The Mystery of Gravity by Barry Parker provides excellent background information for teachers or research information for students wanting to know more. ISBN 0-7614-1428-2


Isaac Newton and Gravity by Steve Parker discusses the life of Sir Isaac Newton and his contributions to our understanding of gravity today. An excellent student shelf or teacher reference book for upper elementary and middle school students. ISBN 0-7910-3010-5


Experiments with Gravity by Salvatore Tocci offers easy and interesting experiment ideas for the elementary classroom. An excellent student shelf or teacher reference book. ISBN 0-516-22513-8


Gravity: Simple Experiments for Young Scientists by Larry White offers a collection of experiment ideas with illustrations. An excellent student shelf or teacher reference book. ISBN 1-56294-470-3