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Jenna Ward
(BA, 2010)

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Jenna was interviewed by former Director of Miami's Pre-Law Program, Yvette Simpson, on April 6, 2010.

What is your name and class?

JW: My name is Jenna Ward and I am a senior.

YS: What is your major?

JW: I've majored in Political Science with a minor in Sociology of Law.

YS: What law school do you plan to enroll in this fall?

JW: The University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.

YS: What has been your most memorable experience here at Miami?

JW: When I came home from taking my LSAT, my housemates had made a big sign that said "Congratulations on your LSAT" and hung it from our front porch.

Jenna Ward photo

Having such a great support system, like my friends, was so important to my success. I knew I could always turn to them when I was stressing out and when it was time to celebrate.

YS: Which courses have been the most beneficial for you, considering your future plans?

JW: I believe the most beneficial classes at Miami for my future at law school were the classes that have assigned readings from law journals and court cases. These types of course will not only help me greatly in law school but have helped me to better develop my legal writing and comprehension skills. Specifically these classes included Professor Marlowe's POL 352, 353, and 363.

I also really enjoyed Dr. Marty Jenrek's Sociology of Law (SOC 412) class. This class taught me many other aspects of the law that you don't typically get in your political science or business legal studies classes. It really taught me to think outside the box about legal issues and how the many different sociological theories view the law.

YS: What activities have you participated in that you found particularly interesting?

Jenna Ward photoJW: I have really enjoyed getting involved in the Miami community through various organizations here on campus. I am a Delta Gamma and am also a member of Gamma Epsilon Lambda, a service organization. These types of community service organizations have been very rewarding and have helped me grow as a person.

YS: Who have been your mentors here at Miami?

JW: My mentors here at Miami have been Professor Melanie Marlowe from the Political Science Department and Dr. Marty Jendrek from the Sociology Department. Not only were their classes by far some of my favorites at Miami, but they also offered me lots of advice and help throughout the law school application process. They were always willing to talk about my goals and ambitions and truly showed an interest in what I was trying to achieve.

YS: What has been your greatest obstacle here at Miami?

JW: I had known that I wanted to attend law school since I came to Miami so, knowing this, the hardest obstacle I faced was keeping up with classes and building a resume, all while also trying to be a normal college student. Whereas pressure to start finding internships and jobs does not start till junior year for many students, knowing that I wanted to be a contender to attend a top law school, I began to feel the pressure right away.

YS: What has been your greatest accomplishment?

JW: Getting into law school!

YS: When did you decide to pursue a career in law?

JW: I have known that I wanted to go to law school since high school.

Jenna Ward photoI think my interest first sparked by taking American history courses and American government courses and through studies of the judicial branch.

My interest was further solidified at Miami after I began to take Constitutional law and Business law courses.

YS: What are you most anticipating about law school?

JW: I am excited about being in all law classes and being able to study what I am passionate about. I am also looking forward to joining activities like moot court or the law review and meeting a whole new group of people who have the same passion for the law.

YS: What advice would you give to underclassmen who are considering law school?

JW: Start thinking about applying to law school before senior year. Studying hard all four years and building up a resume helped me a lot!

YS: What did you find most useful about Pre-Law Program?

JW: The Pre-Law Program was indispensable. I received advice on choosing schools to apply to, studying for the LSAT, and writing a personal statement.

YS: What suggestions do you have for improving Pre-Law Program?

JW: I wish there was a seminar for students who are accepted into law school on what to expect.


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