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Miami University
Dr. Wolfgang U. Spendel

Industry Liaison, MUCN
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Phone: 513-529-8081
Fax: 513-529-5715

Dr. Wolfgang U. Spendel
Dr. Wolfgang U. Spendel "Dr. Spendel's research interests include nanomanufacturing, functional interfaces, sensors, and integrating nanotechnology with microbiological systems. Nanomaterials have shown us the properties of matter are dependent on size as well as composition. The goal of nanotechnology is to use the unique properties in the nano range - larger than atoms and molecules and smaller than bulk stuff properties."

Description of Research
To achieve the nanotechnology promise we must be able to produce nanomaterials in specific shapes with tight particle size distributions. We are conducting research to develop rapid precisely controlled microwave nanomaterial synthesis methods.

We are developing self-organizational methods built on surface and colloid mechanisms to create functional interfaces for biological and sensor applications. Of special interest is the hierarchical manifestation of unique sensor detection capabilities derived from nanomaterial interaction properties across scale levels.

Electrooptical concept sensors are being developed which combine electrodynamic and molecular motion as detection mechanisms. Excitons, surface plasmons, and microcavities are known to enable and in some cases amplify detection sensitivity. Research in our laboratory is to merge these amplification mechanisms with chemical specificity.

Interfacing between nanomaterials and microorganisms is an emerging research discipline. Nanomaterials and biocompatible interfaces constructed from them are important for economic microbiological applications and nanosafety. Properly constructed interfaces can support biofilms to enhance their economic potential, develop green chemistries, and create a new technology beneficially combining industrial with biosphere production methods. Successful integrations between industrial methods and natural biological cycles are envisioned to produce new sustainable technologies with minimal detrimental environmental impact.

Undergraduate researcher's roles in your lab
Undergraduates are part of the whole research team and will be involved in the synthesis, characterization and utilization of new nanomaterials. Publications and presentations are expected from the undergraduate research.

Graduate student's role in your lab
Graduate students will be part of the whole team but will act as mentor to undergraduates and become independent researchers before obtaining a degree. They are expected to have multiple publications and presentations during their graduate careers.


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$100.000 Grant from the State of Ohio
Nanomaterials in our Environment

$100.000 Grant from the State of Ohio
Nanomaterials in our Environment

Keith, J.; Hess, L.C.; Spendel, W. U.; Cox, J.A.; and Pacey, G.E., "The Investigation of the Behavior of a Long Period Grating Sensor with a Copper Sensitive Coating Fabricated by Layer-by-layer Electrostatic Adsorption", Talanta, 2006, 70, 818-822.

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