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Over the last 4 years, 61.3% of Miami undergraduate applicants have been accepted to medical schools, compared to a national average of 45%.

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Student Profiles

Read what students have to say about the pre-healthcare programs and the Mallory-Wilson Center at Miami University.

Justin Chu (2015)

Justin Chu photoopenquoteI've participated in a couple different research labs on campus ... because I find doing research a lot of fun ... Doing a combination of undergraduate research and classwork makes me feel more adjusted to the typical workday I'll be experiencing in the future—that's how I see it.closequote

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Todd Brophy (2012)

Todd Brophy photoopenquoteThe Mallory-Wilson Center does a fantastic job of providing premedical students opportunities to meet and interact with great doctors ... On the first day [of my preceptorship], we spent part of the morning discussing what qualities and attributes are essential to becoming a good doctor and what challenges lay ahead.closequote

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Madeline Dicks (2013)

Madeline Dicks photoopenquoteLast summer I was fortunate enough to shadow two plastic surgeons, learning from their differing techniques and personal medical knowledge ... That inspired me to continue my pre-medical path at Miami and look into not only plastic surgery but also reconstructive surgery.closequote

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Jane Ke Feng (2013)

Jane Ke Feng photoopenquoteAnother great opportunity that you'll find at Miami is the chance to participate in undergraduate research. I've worked in the Zoology department since my sophomore year. This past summer, I was given the opportunity to conduct an independent research project to study the regulation of the rnp-4f gene in Drosophila embryos.closequote

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Josh Kaine (2013)

Josh Kaine photoopenquoteAfter three years, I am working independently on multiple different projects, synthesizing compounds, and analyzing my own data. In doing research, I have been able to present at national, regional, and local conferences.closequote

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Brook Munger (2012)

Brook Munger photoopenquoteI've been fortunate enough to job shadow at Riley Hospital for Children…I shadowed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) where I saw premature babies struggling to survive on their own. I learned that advances in this field have grown exponentially, and preemie babies have much higher survival rates today.closequote

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Michelle Filanovsky (2011)

openquoteMichelle Filanovsky photoYou will be happiest here if you take part in activities and take courses that you are truly passionate about, and in the end you will be a more well-rounded, creative-minded person and a strong medical school applicant. There are many paths to take as a pre-med at Miami, and you should not be afraid to create your own.closequote

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Vybhav Jetty (2011)

Vybhav Jetty photoopenquoteWith much planning and hard work, I was able to pursue this interest [second major in philosophy] while simultaneously focusing on medical school and my zoology major. This combination of majors enabled me to learn about the science within the human body, as well as the ethical decisions I will face as a doctor.closequote

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Meredith Beck (2011)

Meredith Beck photoopenquoteFor me, the Mallory-Wilson Center was my guiding light. The advisors are very straightforward and realistic with you. It is tough road, but without the guidance I was given, it would have been much harder. The advisors walk you through the process of what you need to do each year and break the application process down so that you understand the important parts for each step.closequote

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Caitlin Martin (2011)

Caitlin Martin photoopenquoteThe quality of the professors and advisors is outstanding. I know that all of the professors I've had truly wanted me to succeed. Even the professors who may seem a little intimidating at first are very approachable and willing to go out of their way to ensure that students succeed in their classrooms.closequote

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Alexandru Alexa (2011)

Alexandru Alexa photoopenquoteWhile we are all trying to get spots into medical school, we go through the process together. Whether it is helping one another study for exams or the MCAT or editing personal statements, we collaborate to reach a common goal.closequote

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Andrew Lichter (2011)

Andrew Lichter photoopenquoteWhether it's providing knowledgeable and approachable professors or valuable extracurricular events and activities, Miami is dedicated to producing well rounded and balanced graduates — graduates not only learned in their field of interest but also well socialized and free thinking.closequote

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