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Over the last 4 years, 61.3% of Miami undergraduate applicants have been accepted to medical schools, compared to a national average of 45%.

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Premedical Studies Co-Major

A packed crowd of students attends PMD 101The Premedical Studies Co-Major is designed to provide students with a broad-based science background and prepares them to pursue advanced degrees in medicine as well as other healthcare related fields. The co-major integrates formal advising sessions with professional development courses and courses covering the fundamental concepts in the biological, physical, and social sciences required for admission into medical school and/or covered on the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). As a result, the co-major requires only 2 additional credit hours to a normal premedical curriculum, while allowing students to more efficiently track their progress toward achieving their professional goals.

In addition, while strongly encouraged to pursue this co-major, prehealth students are not required to complete the co-major for successful application and admittance into medical school or any other health professional school. Premedical Studies courses as well as access to the advising services provided by the Mallory-Wilson Center for Healthcare Education and the Premedical Advisory Committee are available to all students.

Lastly, the Premedical Studies Co-Major is not a standalone major and must be taken in conjunction with a primary major that provides the significant depth and breadth of a formal academic discipline. Upon graduation, students receive the degree designation of their primary major.

Academic Requirements (62-66 credits)

The specific courses required to fulfill the requirements of the Premedical Studies Co-Major are listed below. When students take these courses during their undergraduate careers depends on when a student hopes to enter medical school and what primary major is chosen. As a result, each student should work with both primary major and prehealth co-major advisors to ensure that all requirements are fulfilled in the appropriate time frame.

Biology (all of these) (11-12 credits)
1. BIO/MBI 116 or BIO 114
2. BIO/MBI 115 or BIO 113 or
BIO or MBI with lab (e.g., BIO 305 or MBI 201)
3. BIO or MBI 200-499
Chemistry (all of these) (24 credits)
1. General Chemistry: CHM 141/144 and CHM 142/145
2. Organic Chemistry: CHM 241/244 and 242/245 OR
 CHM 251/254 and 252/255
3. Biochemistry: CHM 332 or CHM 432*
English (6 credits)
One year or equivalent
Statistics (one of these) (3-4 credits)
STA 261 OR STA 301, STA 368 or ISA 205 (calculus-based)
Physics (one of these) (8-10 credits)
PHY 171/173 and PHY 172/174, OR
PHY 181/183 and PHY 182/184 (calculus-based)
Professional Development (both of these) (2 credits)
1. PMD 101: Explorations in Medicine
2. PMD 301: Preparing for a Career in Medicine
Social Science (both of these) (8 credits)
1. PSY 111
2. SOC 151 or SOC 153*
Recommended Electives (not required)
Additional biology course
Calculus (MTH 151 or MTH 153)

* Preferred course

Program Overview: Learning Objectives and Activities

Year 1:
Initiating Premedical Studies/Exploring Career Opportunities in Medicine

Year 2:
Continuing Premedical Studies/Exploring the Field and Gaining Medical Experience

  • Advising
    (Premedical, PAC Faculty Advisor, Divisional, & Departmental Advisors)

Year 3:
Preparing the Application/Exploring the Field and Gaining Medical Experience

Year 4:
Finishing Premedical Studies/Planning for the Future

  • Advising
    (Premedical, Divisional, & Departmental Advisors)


PMD 101: Explorations in Medicine (1)
Explores the various fields of medicine and helps students considering a career in the healthcare field to develop a comprehensive plan of preparation for admission to medical school or other healthcare profession school. This professional development course is for all students considering a career in healthcare.
Credit/no-credit only.
PMD 301: Preparing for a Career in Medicine (1)
Explores issues facing medical practitioners, encourages reflection on personal medical experiences and motivation for becoming a healthcare professional, and develops interviewing skills. The final product will be completion of a mock application to a healthcare professional school. This professional development course will be of interest to students applying to medical or other health profession school.
Credit/no-credit only.

For more information about the Premedical Studies Co-Major and how to enroll, please contact Mr. Robert Balfour, Pre-Health Professions Advisor, via email at


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