Microbes Involved:

What they do?

E. aerogenes produces carbon dioxide which produces and anaerobic environment. Lactobacillus and Leuconostoc produce lactic acid which sours and softens the cucumbers. Yeasts produce many of the flavors. The added salt inhibits growth of undesirable bacteria and extracts water from the cucumbers?
Question. By what process does the water leave the cucumber and what type of solution are the cucumbers in?

What are Pickles?

Gherkins, bread and butter, dill, and sweet are all terms that describe various pickles. They are essentially fermented cucumbers with added spices such as dill and garlic.


Pickle Facts:

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How are quick process pickles different from fermented pickles?

Each type is made in its unique way. Most pickles are quick process pickles in which a large amount of vinegar (acetic acid) is mixed with salt and other spices and boiled; this is poured over the pickles and they are then processes. Fermented pickles use lactic acid produced by natural fermentation to create the characteristic flavor. The lactic acid bacteria used also provide protection against spoilage by producing natural bacteroicins (substances that kill bacteria).

How to Make Pickles

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ANSWER The process is called osmosis (the diffusion of water across a semipermiable membrane)

and the brine is a hypertonic solution.