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Hueston Woods

The Ohio Division of Parks and Recreation does not usually permit collecting of any kind within state park boundaries. However, because Late Ordovician fossils are so abundant at Hueston Woods, collecting of fossils by individuals is permitted for their personal collections. Commercial collecting is strictly prohibited. Please employ good conservation practices while collecting; don't disrupt the landscape. This care will ensure that the collecting areas remain in their natural condition.

For a map of Hueston Woods and the locations of great fossil collecting sites, click here.

Below is a picture of the area near the dam at Hueston Woods.

Picture of collecting area near dam at Hueston Woods

Rocks filled with fossils like the one below are everywhere around the sites indicated on the map (linked above).

Picture of rocks filled with fossils

Text source: portions of this page were adapted from the official Hueston Woods fossil guide entitled "The Fossils of Hueston Woods."

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