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  Local Geology

With this online tour of the geology of Oxford, Ohio, we hope to stimulate your appreciation for local geology, promote understanding of basic geologic themes, and stimulate thought regarding your place in natural geologic environment.

In addition to this online tour, you can find information about local geology on the main Limper Geology Museum website. Additional information can be found in the museum's Local Geology exhibit, and in the brochure that complements the exhibit.

One goal of this online tour is to enable you to access information about local geology at any time; the tour will be essential to those of you who are unable to visit the museum in person. The online tour includes photographs and in-depth explanations of each of the six specimens that are showcased in the exhibit: limestone, shale, glacial till, glacial outwash, glacial erratic boulders and samples of fossil wood. This tour also includes brief explanations of how we use these materials today. Note, however, that the online tour provides only a glimpse of exhibits offered in the museum. To get a more comprehensive understanding of topics covered by this tour, visiting the Limper Geology Museum is highly recommended.

If at any time during the online tour, you wish to return to this welcome page, you can click the museum logo located at the top of each page. You can navigate among each of the six specimens by clicking on their corresponding buttons located under the museum logo. Each page includes several different photographs of each specimen to give you an idea of how these specimens look in their natural environments.


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