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Cincinnatian Series Limestone

Cincinnatian Series limestone has very distinct characteristics. The most abundant limestone in the Cincinnatian Series is a coarse grained rock with poorly sorted grains consisting of 30 to 40 percent fossil allochems surrounded by 60 to 70 percent matrix developed from what was originally carbonate ooze.

The average Cincinnatian limestone is a borderline rock between a partially recrystallized skeletal wackestone (WACK-y stone) and a packstone, but more commonly a wackestone. Wackestone is limestone that consists mostly of hardened ooze with grains supported throughout the stone.

In constrast, packstone has more grains that actually touch each other, forming a self-supporting framework containing hardened ooze only in the pores. The diagrams below show the difference between wackestone and packstone.

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Last Updated: September 16, 2010
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