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Middle School Resources

Fossil Concentration

Grades: 3-6

The classroom activity entitled "Fossil Concentration" (courtesy of the Hefner Zoology Museum at Miami University) is best for students in sourthwestern Ohio schools, but it can be an interesting for students in other geographic locations as well. The activity involves reading a story that describes a teacher's walk through the local area. As students listen to the story, they fill out their own fossil identification sheet. Students then have the opportunity to identify fossils in their backyards!

Plate Movements & Climate Change

Grades: 7 and up

This activity will teach students how the earth's continents have not always resided where they do today.The exercise uses maps to show students continental drift and to have them consider the earth's climate. The activity, Plate Movements and Climate Change, was created by Karen L. Bice at Pennsylvania State Universty's Department of Geosciences.

Modeling Geologic Time

Grades: 5-9

This learning exercise will help students to conceptualize the earth's history over time. It focuses on "comparing" and "relating" the earth's enormous age to the earth's historical events. Students will have the opportunity to place events such as the emergence of the primitive human as well as dinosaur extinction on their geologic time model. The activity, Modeling Geologic Time, was created by James C Firebaugh at the Virginia Department of Education.

Virtual Field Trip

Take your classroom on a field trip from the comfort of their desks! Explore geology with an online tour of Peffer Park in Oxford, OH.

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