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After working up an appetite at the museum, you can simply walk across Spring Street to the Shriver Center. There you will find Haines Food Court, Spring Street Market, and Tuffy's To Go. Haines offers a variety of options, ranging from sandwiches and pizza to pasta and Mexican food. And whether you are an alum returning to campus or a new visitor, you will probably not want to leave without stopping at Tuffy's To Go for one of Miami's tasty toasted rolls—they are definitely a Miami tradition. If these foods do not entice you, you can see what Spring Street Market, which offers 1,600 items in its 850 square-foot space, has to offer.

For more information on these and other on-campus dining options, please visit Miami's Housing and Dining Guest Services site.

If your appetite is more hearty, you may wish to eat in uptown Oxford. It has many restaurants to choose from. Just exit Shideler Hall on the Route 27/Patterson Avenue side, turn left, or north, on Route 27. At the intersection of Patterson and High Street, turn left, or west, on High Street towards town. Uptown options range from sit-down restaurants to fast food. For more information about Oxford restaurants, please click here.

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